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We Are Your Friends


We are your friends specialise in event management and promotion by mixing tried-and-tested techniques with new, innovative and creative marketing strategies to maximise exposure for your business, event or promotion. Whatever you need, we are your friends!

Giving back has been part of our philosophy since the beginning. In tough times, we are fortunately able to continue our support of causes important to each team member. This year, we have supported the below organisations and encourage our network to support worthy causes as much as you can via Give Today.

Products/Services: Marketing, Event Management, Bookings.

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We Are Your Friends' Community Contributions​

We Are Your Friends
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Get a 10% discount when you
Give Today*

We Are Your Friends Champion Local Giving. Click the button to purchase an item donation for a charity of your choice. To thank you for helping your community, you will receive a 10% discount on a promotion campaign from We Are Your Friends by email after purchase.

* By donating via this link, your donation will be counted towards We Are Your Friends’ community impact. The business with the highest impact in a 12 month period wins a £1,000 donation to the charity of their choice. Find out more about the Give Today Community Awards here.

Why We Are Your Friends Support Their Community

James, Managing Director at We Are Your Friends, has worked in the industry for many years. He championed We Are Your Friend’s community support programme back in 2018. The team at Give Today spoke with James about why WAYF supports the Give Today directory.

What made you want to become a Give Today Local Champion?

Well we had been trying to influence our supporters to help the local community by doing our bit, we would often share the work our team were doing  on our social media in the hope it may inspire others.

When you say you wanted to inspire others, what is your hope by doing the good work you do?

We used to say in the office, if we just inspire one person to go out and do something good, we have done something great, then Give Today got in touch and the rest is history.

How important is CSR and community work to We Are Your Friends?

Since promoting my first charity event at 18 for Teenage Cancer Trust, I have always been involved in charity work. We hope that by running competitions and discounts via our Local Champions page that we will encourage our public and business partners to do more for the communities they live in.

You mentioned about the discount you offer to people who donate via Give Today, can you elaborate on that?

Yeah that’s right we offer everyone who donates via our page 10% of their purchase. We are so happy to be able to encourage others to give today we agree they should get something as a thank you.