About Give Today

At Give Today, we fuel local charities and non-profits with vital resources. Our ethical network of suppliers – ranging from top high-street brands to online retailers – delivers exactly what’s needed, when it’s needed. Listed prices in our donation shops reflect the exact cost to source and deliver these items, ensuring 100% transparency.

Please note: we do not partner any supplier with dubious ethics- that don’t make us smile. With Give Today, your support champions not only local charities, but also ethical sourcing and corporate responsibili.

Browse and shop from your chosen Give Today donation stores at your leisure. Whether you wish to purchase one item or a hundred, we accommodate all orders with no minimum size and no delivery charge. The exact items you select are what we’ll send – no surprises, no substitutions, no compromises.

By directly shipping from our ethical suppliers instead of maintaining an inventory, Give Today ensures minimal costs and maximum efficiency. Your orders directly contribute to our mission to support local charities while endorsing responsible sourcing.

Your donations are delivered by courier directly to the charity’s door, or the address they have provided for deliveries. We aim to have urgent donations (foil blankets for example) delivered within 24 hours of your purchase. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know your donation is on its way.

We like to ask charities to take photos of donations when possible. They are, understandably, often very busy, so photos are not always possible.

Our Business Model & Funding

As a community interest company, we exist to support our community of charities and causes. We don’t charge our partnering non-profits for their shops or listings, and we don’t profiteer from the selling of the items. We add up to 50p per item (or up to 10% of a bulk corporate donation) to account for our external suppliers’ card processing fees, changing stock prices, delivery and processing. 

That will never change!

We are funded by public funding (we’ll ask you for a contribution at checkout), as well as via external marketing work and partnering with local businesses.

The Give Today Principles

We aim to be as transparent as possible, from how our funding is used to how we spend 100% of your donation on items and delivery. When we began, the main sticking point was always that we will never profit from donations and never profit from charities and that remains true to this day.
Give Today do not charge any charities for our service. We believe all non-profits should be able to benefit from a donation shop on Give Today.

Donation shops are for organisations of all sizes, and any fee for our services could price out a smaller partner who have very limited resources. So for that reason, the shops are and always will be, free!
We ask our partner charities to photograph as many donations as they can. This is because we love showing you how grateful charities are for the donations they receive.

One thing we will never ask a charity partner to do is photograph a donation with a vulnerable service user... unless that service user is a four legged friend! You will never see any pictures of a vulnerable person being asked to pose with a donation.
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Our History

In 2018, amidst the chill of the “Beast from the East,” Give Today took its first breath as a passion project called The Hope Revolution. As temperatures plummeted well below zero, founder John James recognised a dire need. Homeless charities across Manchester were in desperate need of warm items, yet there was no straightforward avenue for the public to contribute unless they had quality second-hand items to donate. Out of this crucial need, an idea blossomed — a single, online platform where charities could list the items they required. Thus, The Hope Revolution was born.

Over the subsequent two years, The Hope Revolution grew exponentially. As the world grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform provided a lifeline to charities in unprecedented times. Our online donation model enabled charities to continue accepting much-needed contributions and procure essential PPE, even in the midst of global disruptions.

In 2021, a new chapter unfolded as we transitioned to Give Today. This rebranding aimed to fortify the bond between businesses, the public, and their local charities.

Fast forward to 2023, Give Today proudly supports nearly 200 charities across the UK, including food banks, amplifying our initial vision to serve those in need. We successfully ship tens of thousands of items annually, reinforcing our commitment to making a tangible difference in the community.

Give Today began as a response to a winter crisis and evolved into a platform that bridges the gap between the public, businesses, and charities, ensuring that the spirit of giving flourishes, regardless of circumstances. Today, we like to hope that we are more than a donation platform; we are a conduit for hope and change, connecting generous and loving people with meaningful causes, every single day.

Meet the Team

John James

Company Director, Creative Ideas Man

John James began developing the business in December 2018, launching The Hope Revolution in November 2019.

JJ’s endless determination and creativity, paired with his expertise in marketing, is the key driver behind the success of The Hope Revolution. He is responsible for expanding the community interest company, guiding the group forward and innovating how people charitably donate.

Lenny Davies

Non-Executive Director

Lenny joined the team in 2020 after originally meeting John James in 2018.

Lenny has over 20 years experience in marketing and has worked in charity and volunteering for many of those years.

Bryony Waddington

Company Secretary, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Coffee Maker

Bryony has been at The Hope Revolution CIC since its inception, although did not officially come on board until 2020. Bryony has been the backbone of the CIC and has helped to nurture ideas with a strong and recognisable brand while dealing with the day to day administrative tasks.

Mrs. Purdy & Steve French

Chief Purr Givers, Demanders of Head Fusses, & Cutest Team Members

A regular head fuss tax has had to be paid to both Purdy & Steve whenever we walk past their beds to go get coffee. After all, we have to in some way make up for the fact that noisy humans have taken over daytime naps for them. We do find that they offer very few constructive ideas.