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You might be wondering what it is that BamBoo do?

Well, quite simply, BamBoo makes ideas happen and helps your business grow. Our passion for marketing, branding, digital technology and creative ideas is what makes BamBoo tick.

We bring a simplistic human touch to your marketing no matter what technology you need. You’re the most important people in the world and we will put you at the centre of our strategy and solutions.

You’ll find we are pragmatic, yet innovative – inspiring, yet without big egos.

We look for the most innovative yet practical way to bring you long-term business growth.

Products/Services: Marketing, Branding, Digital Marketing, Websites, Mobile Apps, Lead Generation, Design, Exhibition Design

Favourite Charity: Changing Lives Together – Cheshire

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Side By Side – Getting One Life Back on Track

In 2018 over 320,000 people were recorded as being homeless across Britain. In addition, a household became homeless every 3 minutes during the 2021 COVID-19 lockdown. These are some pretty shocking statistics! Lenny Davies, director of Bamboo SG, has always been passionate about helping the homeless community.

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Why Bamboo Smart Growth Support Their Community

Lenny Davies founder of Bamboo SG stopped by to talk to us about why being a Local Champion is at the core of his business.

What made you want to position CSR & Community work into your work at Bamboo SG?

I would say the main reason is to raise the awareness of how homelessness can affect all of us. 
You may think that’s impossible but something as simple as losing your job, without a solid support network around you can quickly spiral out of control. 

You do a lot of work surrounding homelessness in particular, was there a reason you chose homeless charities to support?

Working in Manchester and attending meetings across the city showed me just how bad the problem of homelessness in Manchester (and other cities) is at the moment. Seeing people sleeping in doorways, literally on the street and often with pets in 2021 is just appalling so I felt I must do my bit to help however I can.

Could you tell us a bit about some of the projects you have worked on to help in tackling this issue?

A number of years ago I began working on a project called Side by Side. The idea is to help get someone who has been homeless and is living in temporary accommodation, back into employment through work experience days at businesses within their city. We hope that by working with different charities and providing a 6-month program we can get someone from going in once a week to hopefully becoming a full-time member of staff and out of temporary housing. 

What do you hope by showcasing & promoting your CSR as a local champion?

People need help, that’s the bottom line and we would like to hope that maybe by showing the community work we do at Bamboo SG, maybe others will do more to help their communities without wanting anything in return.