Side By Side – Getting One Life Back on Track

In 2018 over 320,000 people were recorded as being homeless across Britain. In addition, a household became homeless every 3 minutes during the 2021 COVID-19 lockdown. These are some pretty shocking statistics! Lenny Davies, director of Bamboo SG, has always been passionate about helping the homeless community. His project, Side by Side, aims to help people who are currently in temporary accommodation into employment.

It could be you or someone you know

Homelessness can be thought of as a “poor society” problem. This isn’t the full picture. There is a whole range of reasons that someone can become homeless. Maybe from the breakdown of a relationship, or due to a loss of income. Mental health, physical health, unsafe housing… the list goes on. Although many of us will be lucky enough to not become homeless, a loved one or someone close to us might not be so lucky.


Text reads: While most of us will never be homeless, someone you love or know could be. Wouldn't you want someone to show a bit of kindness, mercy, and compassion towards them?


Side by Side is a project founded by Lenny in 2019. It looks to partner with businesses across Britain, providing safe and understanding work placement opportunities for currently homeless people. Just because someone doesn’t have a stable home, does not mean that they don’t have something to offer society.

While living in temporary accommodation, most people are supported by fantastic local charities. Side by Side works with these charities to help individuals who are ready to take the next step to independence. Over a period of 12 months, the supported individual will gradually begin a period of work placement with a partner business. Throughout the entire process, they are closely supported both by a point of contact within the business, as well as the charity and Side by Side.

The Side by Side Process:

Month 1:

Invite Side by Side and local charities into your business, helping you and your staff to understand the big picture.

Month 2:

Work with your chosen charity to choose a candidate to train for an employment role. 

Month 3:

Provide regular work environment experience for your new employee. Start as slowly as you both need, growing and learning together.

Month 6:

Why not consider taking part in a company-wide initiative to raise awareness and funds? Sponsored sleep-outs or donation drives are a great way to get existing employees involved!

Month 12:

Graduation! Your new employee has been working with you for 9 months. They understand your business and the role well and are now providing value to your company every single day. Your business has provided them with a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and get back on their feet.

Get Involved!

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Side by Side was put on hold. They are now actively looking for willing and enthusiastic businesses who want to take their community work to the next level. You can contact Lenny directly to find out more and discuss becoming a Side by Side partner via email:

Helping one person might not change the world, but it will change their world!

Bryony Pigram

Bryony Pigram