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A study found that 77% of young disabled adults find it difficult to make or maintain social connections. The benefits of the adaptive team sports sessions held by DOSportUK in Derbyshire and Greater Manchester, therefore, go well beyond helping maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Inclusive Sports

You most likely first think of the physical health benefits of regular activity. Of course, this is certainly true, with sports activities helping to maintain or reach a healthy weight, improved cardiovascular health and better sleep quality. Adaptive team sports activities open up the opportunity for disabled people to access these health benefits, with 7 in 10 being motivated to improve or maintain their physical health. The physical advantages can be particularly important for disabled people, with the opportunity to strengthen muscles, as well as improve balance and coordination.

Only 1 in 3 disabled people agree that sport is for someone like them


One company providing such sessions in Derbyshire and Greater Manchester are Disability Opportunities in Sport UK (DOSportUK). Based in Glossop, but operating across the region, DOSportUK is a community interest company that runs regular inclusive sports sessions.

DOSportUK was established back in 2016 by director Jacob Meaton. Living in Glossop, and running the Glossop Town Gladiators as a sole voluntary project, there was a clear opportunity for something to be created. So many people with a disability are not afforded the opportunity to partake in regular sport and physical activity so DOSportUK was created!

DOSportUK focuses on learning disability basketball, offering 5 sessions on a weekly basis. They also work closely alongside Basketball England and Special Olympics GB to create new sessions and establish competition pathways for members, regardless of age or ability. For the upcoming season, DOSportUK are excited to announce that there will be a brand new session in Trafford too, taking the number of basketball session up to 6 per week.

Alongside their learning disabilities sessions, DOSportUK also runs a weekly wheelchair basketball session at Chesterfield College and multi-sports sessions in partnership with Lancashire Cricket Foundation. You can find out more about the sessions currently offered via their website or social media.

Beyond the Physical Benefits

In addition to the physical health benefits, sports have been shown to improve social happiness and health. With more than three-quarters of young disabled adults find it difficult to make and keep friends, one of the greatest benefits of the sessions held by DOSportUK are the social interactions with new people outside of their immediate support bubble.

These group sessions are fantastic for helping improving social skills, promoting positive social interactions and helping improve self-esteem and self-control. This skill set can be more difficult to attain for some people with learning disabilities. The basketball sessions held throughout the week provide exposure to learning opportunities and are run by DOSportUK’s trained and understanding coaches and volunteers. 

Meet some of the DOSportUK team via their Local Champions page, or via their website.

Get Involved

If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining a DOSportUK session, you can simply and easily fill out a sign-up form here.

If you wish to support the work of DOSportUK, you can do so via their Give Today donation page. As a non-profit community interest company, they look to minimise costs to members whilst maximising benefits. You can directly purchase currently needed sports equipment or pay for a week of court hire via their donation shop.

Bryony Pigram

Bryony Pigram