Where a Café provides more than Caffeine

A café can be more than just a place to buy a coffee. Two friends in Prestwich have created a space where you can get a big slice of community alongside your caffeine.

The Coffee Sack was founded over a glass of wine between friends. In 2017, friends Kate and Joanna opened the doors of The Coffee Sack for the first time. At their fantastic café bar in the heart of Prestwich, the delicious hot drinks and freshly baked goods are reason enough to visit – don’t even get me started on the Falafel. But there is one particular reason that The Coffee Sack is so special. At its core, there is a community good enough to rival that at Central Perk!

A shot of the cast of Friends sat at their classic seats in Central Perk.

A Slice of Community

It was always important to Kate and Joanna to put their community at the heart of The Coffee Sack. The cafe bar often hosts fundraising events for both local and national charities. During the pandemic, they went above and beyond to support their local community, coordinating with their suppliers to provide customers with much-needed supplies. As free school vouchers were removed by the Government for families over the October half-term, The Coffee Sack announced they would be providing free children’s meals. Their generosity, along with the coordinated fundraiser and kind customers, helped provide vital meals to those that needed them.

A Partnership

More recently, The Coffee Sack has partnered with their local Big Issue North to provide free hot drinks every week to vendors.

Big Issue North vendors run their own micro-businesses. They purchase magazines from Big Issue North and reselling them for profit. It’s a model that enables these vendors to earn a living, regardless of their personal situation. Big Issue North believe in enabling people to work, not beg. In fact, 75% of vendors have never begged. In addition to helping vendors to earn a living, Big Issue north also provide advice and support via the Big Issue North Trust. You can find out more and support Big Issue North via their website or their Give Today donation shop.

In cold weather and after long days, a hot drink can be invaluable to Big Issue North vendors. Certainly, the safe space of The Coffee Sack will also be well received. Along with the warm and non-judgemental welcome from the team! This gesture by The Coffee Sack will make the lives of these vendors a little more joyful and comfortable.

You can find out more about The Coffee Sack, as well as read about their Carbon Free Dining option, via their Local Champions page or also via their website.

Bryony Pigram

Bryony Pigram