Charity and Non-Profit Sign-Up

Are you interested in signing up your organisation for their free donation shop? 
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Your shop is free to set up and free to run. Give Today won’t charge you… ever!

How is this possible? We rely on voluntary public donations and support from local businesses and funding organisations. We believe that your money belong where it is, doing great work and supporting your cause the best it can. All we ask from you is that you regularly share your shop with your supporters via social media and emails. This helps you to get more donations, and also helps us build our visibility. 

We set out to provide an easy to use system for you, with items coming from a wide range of suppliers. We feel item donations should be less about commerce and big business, and more about the fantastic work going on in your organisation and the big difference the donations can make. That’s why your shop is free of supplier information and instead filled with your content!

ith the only other option for you to easily create a wish list of purchasable item donations being with a large corporation. 

Some of your supporters want to provide “more than just money”, or feel good knowing more specifically how their money is helping. By allowing them to purchase specific items you have requested, they can see exactly how they are making a difference. 

By adding our donation platform to your fundraising options, you can give your supporters more choice! The money you’re not spending on the items you receive can then be put to work elsewhere, maybe on things only money can buy.

Reduce your surplus of XXL boxers and food you can’t use.

Your shop will only contain the specific items you need, down to the number you require, the exact specification and the brand you prefer. If the item you need isn’t currently in our back-end catalogue, it’s as simple as dropping us an email. We can then find the correct, best priced supplier. Let us know the specific sizes as well, and when the donations are purchased, we’ll make sure the shoe fits.

We’ve facilitated donations of everything from a single pair of gloves to a washing machine! There’s no limit to what you can request. Anything not already visible for you to add to your shop in your admin panel can be easily added by giving us a call or dropping us an email. 

Need a new van? Add it to a listing only seen by local businesses – you never know who might be able to help out!


We know that your needs can change overnight, and that life running a charity is busy enough. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure the admin side of your shop is as simple as making a wish list!

All you need to do is update your shop when your needs change, and let your supporters do the rest. When a donation is purchased, Give Today will have it delivered directly to the address of your choice.

Sign-Up Form

Fill in the form here, and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours. Once you have provided your initial needed items, we can have your free donation page running the very same day. Simple, fast and efficient – just like our service!