Single Person Bundle

Charity: Hertford Foodbank
This bundle contains the majority of items needed for 1 person visiting the food bank… • Instant Essentials Coffee • Tinned Essentials tomatoes (x2) • Tinned Essentials Soup (x2) • Tinned Vegetables (x2) • Tinned Meat or Vegetarian Meal (x2) • Tinned Potatoes (x1) • Tinned Fish (x1) • Tinned Pulses (x1) • Tinned Fruit (x2) • Tinned Rice Pudding (x1) • Carton/Tinned Custard (x1) • Box of Cereal (x1) • Carton longlife fruit juice (x1) • UHT longlife Milk (x1) • Jam (x1) • Bag of Rice (500g) • Jar of Pasta Sauce (x1)