Fur & Feathers Summer Bundle

Charity: Fur & Feathers Wythall

Support Fur & Feathers with the Summer of Giving Bundle!

Join us in making a difference this summer by purchasing the Summer of Giving Bundle for Fur & Feathers. We’ve carefully curated the exact items they need into one convenient package. Each bundle includes:
  • Box of 12 x cat food
  • Bag of 10L cat litter
  • Cat toys (catnip fishing rod toy)
  • Cat bed
By purchasing a bundle, you’ll be providing essential items directly to cats in need. Let’s come together and make this summer a season of giving and hope!

The bundle price includes the delivery. All Give Today bundles are priced to be non-profit and should there be any remaining money, this will be used to send more items to the charity.

Availability: Number needed: 15