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Established in 2003, Fortem provides specialist property solutions for the public and private sectors tailored to keep homes and buildings running smoothly. Our highly trained teams deliver a range of internal and external repairs 24/7 as well as high quality voids, planned installations and gas services. 

Alongside our core functions, we possess industry leading Energy Services expertise, specialising in making homes more energy-efficient and helping clients on their journey to become zero carbon. 

What really sets Fortem apart is its people. We live by our motto of having a workforce of ‘people who care’. For us, caring is not only our dedication to providing a high-quality service for every client, but also inspiring a legacy in the communities that we work in. This includes both the commitments we make as part of our long-term contracts and the contributions we make to national and local charities.

Our experience, commitment to best practice and exemplary quality, together with a genuine partnered approach, ensures we achieve excellent outcomes for our partners, clients and customers. We have an established track record of improving communities and creating better places for people to work and live.

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Community Badges

Fortem's Community Contributions

Volunteering Day Hailed Huge Success

More than 50 volunteers recently came together to help renovate Hattersley Community Garden. The ‘Hattersley Big Garden Project’ event took place earlier this week (23 – 26 September) where representatives from Fortem, JLL, Groundwork and

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Keynes House
Tilehouse Street

Support Your Local Community!

Fortem Champion Local Giving!

You can easily support your local community by donating needed items via Give Today. Click the donate button to find a charity near you and to directly donate exactly what they need right now.

Why Fortem Support Their Community

Jess Anderson has worked as head of HR at Pipes & More since 2015. She suggested they join the Local Champion directory to help her employer get the recognition they deserve and further increase their social impact!

What made you want to become a Give Today Local Champion?

Well we had been trying to influence our supporters to help the local community by doing our bit, we would often share the work our team were doing  on our social media in the hope it may inspire others.

When you say you wanted to inspire others, what is your hope by doing the good work you do?

We used to say in the salon, if we just inspire one person to go out and do something good, we have done something great today, then Give Today got in touch and the rest is history.

What has been the result of having a Give Today page?

Well I feel that is a two part answer, on the one hand we have seen a total of 283 clicks to support a local charity via our page. To put that into context, our page has helped a total of 1200 people. Which is absolutely amazing! That is so great for us to know that our supporters want to help the local community as much as us. The second part has to be said is our interaction with our customers, for example, we gave discount to every single one of those 283 people who donated to a charity and it created a great customer / business relationship.

You mentioned about the discount you offer to people who donate via Give Today, can you elaborate on that?

Yeah that’s right we offer everyone who donates via our page a free hair treatment. We are so happy to be able to encourage others to give today and we agree they should get something as a thank you.