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Disability Opportunities in Sport UK (DOSportUK) is a community interest company which offers sporting and physical activity opportunities to people with a disability.

The company is based in Glossop but our community sessions are based all through Derbyshire and Greater Manchester.

We have a focus sport of basketball which we use as a vehicle for our members to improve their physical, social, and mental health. We create a fun and friendly environment allowing people of all ages and abilities to find the right level for them. Many members will go on to compete and develop in basketball and we have worked hard to create a pathway for them to achieve this.

Products/Services: Basketball, Sports, Disability Inclusion

Favourite Charity: Special Olympics Great Britain

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DOSport's Community Contributions

Bringing Benefits to the Disabled Community – DOSportUK

A study found that 77% of young disabled adults find it difficult to make or maintain social connections. The benefits of the adaptive team sports sessions held by DOSportUK in Derbyshire and Greater Manchester, therefore, go well beyond helping maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Glossop Gas Works,
Arundel St,
SK13 8LT

Call Jacob on: +44759 962 6131

Support DOSport UK

DOSport UK are a non-profit community interest company, working to improve access to sport for people with disabilities. 

You can support their work by donating the items they need via their Give Today donation shop. Click the button to see what they need!

Meet the Team

Emily Thompson

Emily used to work a standard 9-5. She joined Pipes & More in 2020 after they sponsored and supported her training, enabling her to change careers. 

Michelle Daniels

Michelle started Pipes & More in 2002 as a sole trader. She recognised the public’s desire for female plumbers for single female clients and decided to grow Pipes & More into the Social Enterprise it is today. 

Jess Anderson

Jess is head HR at Pipes & More. She put forward that Pipes & More should join the Local Champions directory, wanting her employer to be recognised for the great work they do!

DoSportUK Support Their Community

DoSportUK currently run 8 community sessions each week and look to work with many schools, colleges, and other service providers in their areas of work! 

Hi Jacob, could you tell us a bit more about how you came to start DOSportUK?

I had been coaching disability sport and more specifically basketball for several years whilst I was working within sport for a national governing body. There are not always opportunities for people with a disability to engage in sport and physical activity and I wanted to see if we could bridge that gap. I decided to set up the company and the rest is history as they say!

What is the best part of your job?

To see the enjoyment of the members on a weekly basis and the appreciation from them and the families is what it is all about. Not only this but most of our members will have the chance to get kitted up and take part in a competition or an event and these days are just fabulous. The joy and excitement that sport brings is wonderful and we love being able to offer this!

You run your sessions for all abilities. An incredible thing to offer!

One of the sessions is ”multi-sport”. Could you explain what this is and how your other sessions are scheduled?

The multisport sessions are currently being run in partnership with Lancashire Cricket who run their Super 1’s programme with our members for the first hour. We then open the choice up to the members each week to see what sport or sports they want to do for the second hour. Sometimes we have one big session, and other times we will have multiple games running at the same time. 

What are the plans for DOSportUK going forward?

With our learning disability basketball being our main offer, we are looking to develop more sessions across Greater Manchester with Trafford and Stockport our next two areas of interest. The long term goal will be to have a session in every borough of Manchester but we will need to do a lot of work behind the scenes to be able to cope with that growth!

You work with Schools, Colleges and other service providers. What is the best way one of these organisations can get in touch with you to arrange sessions?

Pick up the phone! Have a chat with us and we will see if we can book something in.