CSR Partnership

Give Today, part of The Hope Revolution CIC, partners with CSR-Accreditation Ltd. By doing so, we acknowledge and agree to follow the below CSR values. In addition, companies working with Give Today are automatically acknowledged to be well on their way with fulfilling their social responsibility.

Values of CSRA:


To challenge the ordinary: advocating the dynamic and innovative delivery of CSR solutions. To continuously innovate by listening, watching and learning.


To advocate the clear benefits to society of a robust CSR policy for all organisations and businesses.


To involve and respect all organisations and individuals who are open to new ideas and want to improve the working and living environment for their colleagues and communities.


To be open in our working, building confidence and trust in our services and products. To be honest with everyone.

CSR-Accreditation Ltd:

CSR-Accrediation Ltd. are a  leading UK based company delivering a global standard for social responsibility. It is now more important than ever to show that we are doing everything we can to improve the world for future generations, by reducing the negative impact we have on the environment and by building a better and cohesive society. It is amazing what many of us are already doing that we don’t talk about. CSR-Accreditation provides the perfect opportunity for you to tell your positive story.

You can find out more about getting your accreditation by visiting the CSR-Accreditation website (https://csr-accreditation.co.uk/), or by contacting Give Today.